The Dog’s Week 3 Recap

The Dog was feeling really good coming out of the early slate on Sunday. We got out of the gate early with a Jacksonville win, which would have been in the dog pound if it wasn’t for a weekend bachelor party throwing a wrench in the logistics. 

I was riding a gravy train with biscuit wheels as we came into the afternoon games sitting at 10-5. Then, the 4 o’clock slate came through and put The Dog in the doghouse.

All in all feeling great picking all the games and going 15-12-1

Bad news. The Dog Pound took a loss this week at 2-3. I’ll blame myself first, and the Chiefs secondary next. When you’re thrown a tasty treat you catch it. I’ll be dialing the killer instincts up to 11 next week no doubt about it. If a Dog doesn’t have instincts, what good is he?

Tennessee @ Jacksonville

JAX 20 TEN 7

JAX +1.5 ✅

Gardener Minshew II was about the only bright spot in this game other than The Dog starting Week 3 off 1-0.  JAX D didn’t miss a beat after holding Houston to 13 points; kept Derrick Henry under 2.5 yards a carry and only 1 TD.  JAX 2-1 ATS this year; looked dominant when considering line in both of those wins.

Interested to see how long Vrbael sticks with Mariotta.  He’s been given his chances but has looked average at best.  Tannehill is ready waiting in the balance. The Dog hoping they consider the change.

No scares in this one.  Honestly would’ve been a Dog Pound pick had we gotten ahead of the Week.  Unfortunately, only going to be able to count the dub in the Overall.

Cincinnati @ Buffalo

BUF 21 CIN 17

CIN +6 ✅

UNDER 44 ✅

Had a blast crushing some cruisers/crispy-boys/pops and wings at Kitty’s in downtown Cincinnati whilst watching the first half of this one.  That was the only fun The Dog was having though, cause the Bengals looked awful.  

Dalton was throwing duds all over the field. Mixon couldn’t get much going on the ground.

Once we hit the road, things turned for the better. Cincinnati clawed back into it to beat the 6 pt spread as expected and we cashed the under, which never seemed in doubt based on how the first half went. Dog sweat this one out, pleased with 2 wins here, though.

Buffalo is 3-0 but not a contender yet. Cupcake schedule up front. Wins over NYG, NYJ, and CIN early means stiffer competition later.  Interested to see if 3-0 may influence public opinion, though.

Cincinnati at risk of being held scoreless against formidable defenses.  Will continue to monitor Unders with them.

Miami @ Dallas

DAL 31 MIA 6

DAL -21 ✅

OVER 47.5 ❌

The Dog didn’t get to watch this but I can guarantee we were never at risk of going 0-2 in this one.  Looking at the box score, Miami completing 20-41 (LESS THAN 50%!!!) means they were never going to get on the board.  

Dallas never had to worry and racked up almost 250 yards on the ground on 32 rushing attempts.  The clock must’ve ran out faster than a Greyhound out of the blocks in a 220 yard sprint.

Dallas will get their first true test next week – a Sunday Night Primetime game on the road in New Orleans. Early lines show DAL -2.5; nothing near the 3 touchdown line that this one was.  Come check back later this week to see how The Dog is going to play this spicy cajun matchup. 

Denver @ Green Bay

GB 27 DEN 16

Denver +7.5 ❌

UNDER 43.5 🐾  ✅

This one confused The Dog.  Fortunate to come away with a 1-1 split in this one.  But I honestly think it probably should’ve gone the other way.

Didn’t get to catch much of the action.  Was it the Bronco’s D-Line that bottled up Aaron Jones? A bad Packer’s O-Line. Or was Week 2 just an anomaly.  In any case, Packers didn’t run it well and they still put up 27.  

I know The Pack Faithful are stoked with their defense this year.  But I’m starting to think this was more of a matter of Denver just not having what it takes. Moved the ball better than the Packers, 149 total yards on the group with another 220 thru the air.  

The Dog thought Denver was sure to keep it within 7.  They just need to take care of the ball and find a way into the endzone. Plain and simple.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

IND 27  ATL 24

IND -1 ✅

OVER 47 ✅

Was a bit disappointed that I let the Dog Pound faithful down by not being at The Fieldhouse for this one like I thought I would be.  However, where I didn’t let you down was having this one handicapped to a T.

Jacoby Jacoby.  He went toe to toe with Matt Ryan and came out on top at home.  He rode this Colt to victory as confidently as David Cohen rode 4.4:1 Her Kare to victory at Churchill Downs in the 5th race on Friday; my other lock of the week.  Go check it out, you won’t regret it.

A well balanced team and a steady Brissett with the reigns, The Dog plans to keep riding these Colts to the Winner’s Circle.

Atlanta is too one-dimensional. Not sure if it’s a blocking/play calling problem or he done lost a step, but Devonta Freeman can find his form of yesteryear. And STAT!

But until Freeman gets going, opponents can and will continue to key on the pass and be able to limit big plays thru the air.  Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are a hell of a tandem, but so far the Dirty Birds aren’t owning the air like they once did.

Baltimore @ Kansas City

KC 33 BAL 28

KC -7 🐾  ❌

First – The Dog is kicking himself for not posting what turned out to be an easy Over.  That’s what we were thinking but we can’t take credit for that. But I think this one turned out as most people would’ve expected, a higher scoring affair with two power offenses.

Second – The Dog is kicking the KC secondary out to the Dog House.  LamJacks threw what should have been 3 interceptions that KC defensive backs just refused to take; just like your mangy mutt turning his nose up at the dogfood you laid out for him.  Those rascals, cost me the -7.

Mahomes looks good at the helm of the offense. Any already unstoppable offense gets a weapons upgrade with the acquisition of Shady McCoy at RB.  Even at his advanced he’s a huge asset reacclimating with his old coach Andy Reid.  

This KC team is Insta-Over until further notice.

The Dog also has the Ravens trending up. 

Oakland @ Minnesota

MIN  34 OAK 14

MIN  -8 ✅

OVER 42 ✅

The Dog was happy to see the vikings covering the spread easily and hit the over thanks to a garbage time TD by Oakland. Minnesota’s offense continues to put points on the board and The Dog likes it.

Oakland is on the road a bunch coming up when you include their home game in London and is in need of some improvements on both ends of the ball. 

New York Jets @ New England

NE 30 NYJ 14

NE -23 ❌

OVER 43.5 ✅

Something smells fishy but The Dog can’t dig it up. Why did Belichick pull Brady in this one but piled on last week against the Dolphins? Who knows. He don’t answer questions. That move cost us a cover but directly handed us the over.

Cause we learned that Jarrett Stidham doesn’t look like the heir-apparent to #Tommy.  His pick 6 got us to the Over. But The Dog was left wondering if Brady under center all 60 minutes would’ve cashed both these bets.

Consider them in The Dog House. The Dog won’t be playing the Jets any time soon.  

Detroit @ Philadelphia

DET 27 PHI 24

DET + 7 ✅

UNDER 48 ❌

This was an exciting game start to finish.  Philly just looked a little too depleted on the offensive side of the ball to have a fighting chance in this one spotting 7 points. Never in jeopardy of taking an L in this one, Stafford and Company marched into Philadelphia, and marched out with a W.

Eagles might have been able to come away with the victory had Nelson Agholor not made some crucial mistakes.  Redeemed himself by promising to bring West Philly hero and his family to the next game!

Lions need to start roaring their offensive engines.  Despite being 2-0-1; The Dog isn’t really looking at the Lions until we start seeing +4.5 or so.  Eagles are trending downward.

Carolina @ Arizona

CAR 38 ARI 20

CAR -3 ✅

OVER 46.5 ✅

The Bird Dog pointed you to Arizona Overs early this year.  That hit by 11.5 points. The BloodHound Gang Dog sniffed out McCaffery rebounding in Week 3. He went for 188 all purpose yards.

Week 4 Match-Ups.  Panthers @ Texans. Cardinals host the Seahawks.The needle is leaning towards The Dog not playing playing either of these teams ATS.  

Check back later in the Week for more and see what The Dog will be lockin in on.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay

NYG 32 TB 31

NYG +6.5 ✅

UNDER 48 🐾 ❌

Both teams will be so worried about getting the W that watching this one will be like watching paint dry.  A conservative chess checkers match. A field position, punt-fest, clock management symposium with either team winning by a FG or less.  – The Dog, Week 3 Preview

What a game! This Dog knows there is more than 1 way to skin a cat.  Definitely knew it was going to be a tight game and that’s why The Dog went with NYG at +6.5 calling it as either team winning by FG or less.  That’s a 20/20 hindsight that should’ve been in the Dog Pound.

But boy we couldn’t have been more wrong on how we picked the O/U.  Mike Evans and Famous Jameis Winston hooked up for 3 touchdowns in an early offensive assault that killed our Under Dog Pound Pick only midway through the 3rd quarter.

Flash me some of them Dimes.  Career Record in games when the Giants trailed by 18 points. Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones: 1-0. Eli Manning (0-44).  Dimes even did it without Saquon for the majority of the game, getting knocked out for what looks to be multiple games with a bad ankle sprain. 

Houston @ Los Angeles Chargers

HOU 27 LAC 20

HOU +3 ✅

UNDER 48 ✅

This one could’ve just as easily been a 2 pick loser instead of a 2 pick winner. Philip Rivers came up just short of leading the Chargers to a TD in the final 2 minutes.  Houston has a stout defense that just got too much pressure onto Rivers and broke up some big passes down the stretch.  

This game was all DeShaun Watson & Philip Rivers in the air.  Both team laid it all out there. The Dog thinks he’s putting all his treats in their bowls next week.

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco

SF 24 PIT 20

SF -6.5 ❌

OVER 44 ↔️

I really don’t know what to say about this one other than it was arguably the worst game Sunday.  I was just happy to come away from this one with a tie instead of a flat out 0-2.

San Fran 49ers rushed it 40 times for 168 yards and 2 TDs.  Garappolo threw for less than 300 yards and 2 INTs against a suspect secondary.

Rudolph was a completion over 50% rate with 1 INT, but the Steelers receivers again letting the team down with critical drops.  He connected for TDs on a prayer deep chuck to J2S2; the other a wide open Diontae Johnson walked into the endzone for the easiest TD of the year.

Both teams are trending down in The Dogs eyes.  Gonna keep on walking on to the next.

New Orleans @ Seattle

NO 33 SEA 27

SEA -4 🐾 ❌

UNDER 44 ❌

When you’re wrong, Damn do things go wrong.  Teddy Bridgewater played well enough in his first start of the season, but it was the Saints stealing defensive and special team TDs and The Dog knew this Dog Pound Pick didn’t stand a chance of ca$hing.

This one is really making The Dog think about taking a time out and skipping playing O/Us for a few weeks.

Saints will have a big test next week hosting 3-0 Dallas.  The Dog is leaning Home Dogs in this one.

Seattle goes on the road to play the 0-2-1 Cardinals.  Will have to see how the line develops in this one.

Check back into the Dog Pound to see if either of these matchups make the grade.

Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland

LAR 20 CLE 13

LAR -3 🐾 ✅

OVER 44 ❌

The Brownies coming out party has been put on hold for another Week.  Will have to wait until the next big game to see if they can prove they’re not just believers.  They’re 1-2. Head Coach Freddie Kitchens was adamant that this loss is on him and not his players.

Mayfield is now 1-10 against teams over .500.  OBJ hasn’t had a breakout game yet. Tick tock on when this offense will show up.

Rams just keep on doing what they need to do.  Goff hasn’t yet hit his stride this year. Donald is unstoppable on the defensive end. If things start to click, The Dog likes Rams. 

Chicago @ Washington

CHI 31 WAS 15

CHI -4✅

OVER 41.5✅

If Mitch ever does good, “Trubiscuits” for this Dog!  Hooking up with Taylor Gabriel for 3 touchdowns, The Dog was already digging holes to bury this 2 game Trubiscuit in the backyard with The Bears up 28-3 at half.

However, Bears couldn’t keep the offense going and getting only a field goal in the final 2 minutes of the game.  The Over was salvaged due to Redskins getting 2 second half touchdowns when the game was already out of reach.

The Dog was happy with how Week 3 wrapped up, going 2-0 on Monday Night.

Redskins stocks are down, Bears stocks are up.

2019 Record

The Dog Pound🐾 2019 Record: 6-4 🚀

The Dog’s 2019 Record: 26-23-1 ⚠️

Check back Thursday morning when The Dog will throw you another bone with his Picks, what you need to know and how you should play Tennessee @ Atlanta, Kansas City @ Detroit, and the rest of the Week 4 plate of games.

HOU @ LAC – Week 3

Week 3 brings Houston to LA and The Dog likes Houston. 

While Houston gets dumped on by 4 feet or rain, the Houston D line will be making it rain on Philip Rivers. 

Chargers will be coming off a tough loss in week 2, but even if they manage to improve and complete a game winning drive which is not

Upset play? 

The difference maker in this game will be how effective the Chargers’ defensive line is against the ever-struggling Houston O-Line.

The Chargers are coming off a tough loss and Houston seems to be regressing. They got away with a win at home, but this team could easily be 0-2 right now.

The Pick

Houston +3


One Woof

CHI @ WAS – Week 3

Two question mark teams slated to take the field on Monday night. The Dog is keeping it simple for this one.

The Redskins are looking like team of sick pups right now. Chris Thompson is out. Guice is done for the season. The running game is going to have a tough time getting going against the Chicago front 7.

The Skins are also looking very weak in the secondary with DRC going on IR. It makes sense that Washington is looking to bring in Jalen Ramsey.

When I look at these 2 facts this Dog is seeing the future un fold.

The Bears proven front 7 easily bottles up the Washington run game and can open up the defensive play book to put pressure on the pass game as well.

Couple a dominant Bears defensive performance with a weak Washington secondary and it looks like a Bears rout on both sides of the ball. 

Mitch Trubisky needs a confidence boost like a dog needs a bone. This is the best chance to do this.

The Pick

CHI -4

OVER 41.5

LAR @ CLE – Week 3

Whenever I see Cleveland, I think Dawg Pound and I have to check myself. 

“Am I about to bet with my heart or my head here?”

The Dog took a big hit last week picking the Saints over the Rams. The game that looked like 100 points on paper turned out to be a dud.

Yes, Brees went down which definitely had an impact but it’s time to forget that one.

It’s Correction course time in Week 3. 

Rams are 14-3 on the road since 2017 and 8-2 against the spread going back to last year.

It’s still not clear if McVay and crew are clicking on offense after this game. Everything changed when Brees went down, but we saw last year that this Rams scheme can be effective.

Cleveland is still a question mark for me. The win against the Jets got This Dog very excited about what the Browns might be capable of. But, even my pea-brain knows not to make any conclusions based on chewing up a decimated Jets team.

Cleveland is at home, on a short week. The days matter when McVay is in the lab. Locked. Put this one in the Dog Pound.

The Pick

LAR -3


Three Woofs

Dog Pound – Week 3

Dog Pound 2019 Record: 4-1 ✅

Thanks for coming over to the Pound. We know you’re busy in a time pinch.  So is The Dog. Gotta get on the road and head over to @BuffaloTrace and gonna have himself a DAY! Hoping that you all have yourself a DAY too this fine Saturday. 

Dirty Dog & the Boys had a long drive over to Lexington yesterday.  That means you can be assured that we put the time in to get these picks right.  That’s why these 5 are in the Pound this week.

Thanks for stopping by The Pound and we hope you adopt these picks. Now GO POUND THESE PICKS! You’ll be glad you did.

Three Woofs. 🐶🐶🐶

Pound These Picks

  1. DEN @ GB – UNDER 43.5
  2. LAR -3 
  3. SEA -4
  4. KC -7
  5. NYG @ TB – UNDER 48

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BAL @ KC – Week 3

Baltimore was the swing game for The Dog last week. 

If the Ravens don’t spend the final 4 minutes deep in AZ territory and actually get in the endzone The Dog is sitting pretty at 13-9 and my Dog Pound picks would be a perfect 5-0. 

So here’s the plan to get it back.

First, I’m looking at the Ravens. There’s a lot of talk about the Ravens being a top 2 or 3 team in the AFC. But, keep in mind they feasted on the Dolphins and held on in for a 4th quarter win against the Cardinals at home. 

The Dog isn’t ready to label The Ravens Three Woofs yet.

Next, I’m looking at these defenses.

KC’s run defense might not be the stoutest, especially with Dee Ford and Justin Houston having moved on. And, Ed Reed ain’t walking through that door to save a Baltimore defense that got torn up by Kyler Murray last week for 349 passing yards.

Two defenses that will allow some points. Two offenses that can put points on the board. Reid and Mahomes are more tested. Harbaugh and Lamar are still a question mark.

That adds up to a Chiefs cover. This one is in the Dog Pound.

The Pick

KC -7

Three Woofs

NO @ SEA – Week 3

First on the Saints. 0-2 ATS this year.  This offense will no longer fly by wind, Without a Brees for the indefinite future.  They’ll look to QB by committee in Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater. As I said in our Week 2 Recap; Interested to see how Payton will steer the offense given a new field general under center.

Last time Seattle was 2-0. Went on to win the Super Bowl.  Same QB. Same Coach. I’m a systems guy @andrewperloff, and I like what the Seahawks are running.  Russell is a top 5 player in the league impacting the spread. He goes, they go! Come on Russ – HugoWego!

At Home, The Dog likes Seahawks to bottle up the Saints.

The Pick

SEA -4


OAK @ MIN – Week 3

Oakland @ Minnesota

The Vikings are arguably one the most talented teams in the NFC.  Good defense. Good weapons at all positions on offense.

Dalvin Cook has sure been up to the task of carrying the offense –  130YPG on the ground to go along with 3 touchdowns. But you can’t win in the current NFL against good teams by just pounding the rock.

Is there a glaring weakness holding them back? Maybe. Has @DPShow fan favorite Kirk D. Cousins; shout out @AndrewPerloff @PaulPabst, delivered on his big contract?  Seems that Minnesota may be trying to hide him. Only giving him 10 passing attempts in a Week 1 win against the Falcons. Sub 50% completion with 2 picks against the Pack in a game they could’ve won.  He NEEDS to have his breakout game this week!

Oakland came out hot against KC last week.  And, maybe Jon Gruden can coach an offense after all that time in the booth.  Expect them to get their a TD or 2, but that roster can’t hang with top notch teams for all 60 minutes just yet. 

Vikings will control this one and win big at home.

The Pick

MIN – 8 


Two Woofs

DET @ PHI – Week 3

Desean Jackson-hurt. Alshon Jeffrey-hurt. Nelson Agholor-hurt. Tim Jernigan-hurt. Malik Jackson-hurt. Carson Wentz took a shot last week that sent him back to the 2nd grade.  Philly is beat up right now & Lions Coach Matt Patricia chomping at the bit looking to take advantage. 

Ertz can’t catch every pass for the Eagles, and their running game has been stuck in neutra so far this year.  Detroit is relatively balanced on both sides of the ball, and has looked surprisingly good for their standards this season. Matt Stafford and the Lions can and will cover this, if not come away with the outright win.

With all the Eagles injuries above and Patricia still unwilling to unleash Stafford and spice up the mild Lions offensive play-calling, The Dog won’t be eating up the Over in this flavorless dish; Taking the Under here.

The Pick

DET + 7 


Two Woofs

NYG @ TB – Week 3

New York heads into this one with a newly appointed field general in Daniel Jones. Does that spark the Giants offense? The Dog thinks so. So long as the Giants make Saquon a major part of the game plan, they will have fixed their two biggest problems.

This line is too big to not take NYG. TB got out with a W on the road last week against a Panthers team that isn’t looking so good. They might give one back; they might prove they’ll be competitive.  The Dog going with NYG ATS +6.5 

By no means is this one going to be a shootout though.  How much is Pat Shurmur going to open the playbook for Daniel Jones? Bucs running game looks pretty average at best. The Dog says this one plays out as such.

Both teams will be so worried about getting the W that watching this one will be like watching paint dry.  A conservative chess checkers match. A field position, punt-fest, clock management symposium with either team winning by a FG or less. 

The Pick

NYG +6.5