Week 6 Picks

My dog pound picks need work. No. Doubt. About It. I was 0-5 in week 4. I barely saved face last week going 3-2.

I’m changing it up a bit this week. Moving forward I’m done picking all the games even though I was 52-54-3 picking all the dog crap games. I’ll be picking the bets I love this week and that’s that.

The Picks


I do not believe in this Texans team. Their O line continues to be a problem even with the addition of Laremy Tunsil early this season. I think this O-Line will even let the Chiefs defense look competent.

I also do not think the Houston wins are very convincing. They beat a Jags team in Houston (Which the Jags arguably won on that 2pt conversion), They fended off a Chargers comeback attempt in week 3, and they beat the Falcons who aren’t the same team we saw lose in the Super Bowl 2 years ago.

I will concede that their Week 1 opener against the Saints on the road was a bright spot, even though it was a loss. The point is, the Texans beat ok-to-bad teams at best. This Chiefs team is much better than that. Houston is not leaving Arrowhead with a win.

You have to go back to Weeks 5 and 7 of 2015 to find the last time that an Andy Reid Chiefs team lost consecutive home games and you have to go all the way back to Reid’s first season with the Chiefs in 2013 to find the last time they dropped 2 home games in 2 weeks. Arrowhead provides one of the best home field advantages and we’ll see that on Sunday.

I have no doubt the Chiefs will win this game. The question is, will they cover? The Dog’s gut says they win by double digits. But, if you want a stat, I got my stats guy on that too. Under Coach Reid the Chiefs have covered 67% of the time when favored at home by 5 points or less.

Three Woofs! Pound it.

The Pick

KC -4.5


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t think about the Seahawks much. 

Maybe it is the fact that they are tucked away in the corner of the country. Maybe it’s just their reputation of just being an under the radar team that makes hay in the playoffs. Maybe I’m just genuinely jealous of Russell Wilson. Whatever.

But they’re playing my Brownies so let’s pay some attention. I was expecting to see the Browns a 3 point dog or more and seeing the 1 point made me very confused. What does Vegas know that I don’t?

Answer….. A WHOLE LOT.

Now, I am not the smartest guy on earth, but I know that the quarterback matters in the NFL. 

Whenever I am confused by a game I always turn the brain off and tell myself to K.I.S.S. it. Keep It Simple Stupid.

So let’s turn off those brains and let’s keep it simple and look at the quarterbacks.

Russell Wilson

  • Top passer rating in the league this year at 126.3
  • Has not throw a pick this year on 150+ attempts
  • Works with what he’s got

Baker Mayfield

  • Third lowest passer rating in the NFL at 68.5 
  • Leads the league with 8 picks this year on 150+ attempts
  • Can’t figure it out with OBJ, Landry, and Nick Chubb

Don’t overthink this one. Tell Vegas to shove it and take this one To. The. Bank.

Three Woofs. Pound it!

The Pick

SEA -1

The Dog’s 2019 Record

Dog Pound: 9-11 👎

Dog Pound – Week 5

Thanks for coming over to the Pound. We know you’re busy in a time pinch.  So is The Dog. If you’re going to read anything, read these picks. I owe y’all one!

No dogs in this pound. Not this week. My Dog Pound Picks took a shellacking last week, going 0-5, so we’ve got to have a bounce back. Need it. AND, Got to have it.

The plan is simple. Big Tasty Overs that can’t miss. Don’t over think it.

Cats have 9 lives. This Dog has 5 picks. Now GO POUND THESE PICKS! You’ll be glad you did.

Three Woofs. 🐶🐶🐶

Pound These Picks

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BUF +3

PHI -14

BAL -4




Rewind ⏪to week 3. Some smart ass out there was saying “Let’s not buy The Ravens quite yet. They haven’t played any good competition yet”.

Dog didn’t care. My pea-brain was just excited to see The Ravens and Chiefs square off at Arrowhead. 

Then Cleveland rolled into Baltimore (Willingly) and made that smart as look, well…… smart. 

Sure, we don’t really know what the Ravens are yet. Their defense is not the Raven’s defense of the past decade and LamJacks is a dice roll every week. 

HOWEVER! We do know what the Steelers are. Aside from an OK front-7, this is a team that shed all their talent and is Swiss cheese everywhere else. Yinz is looking at a rebuild in Pittsburgh and we don’t need to be smart to know how to play this.

The Steelers looked interesting running the wildcat with Jaylen Samuels and Conner but it was against the Bengals. Harbaugh knows how important it is for Lamar Jackson to bounce back quickly after a couple of bad losses, so I expect their game plan to support it. The  Ravens rebound and cover 4.

The Pick

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BAL -4

OVER 42.5

Three Woofs

CLE @ BAL – Week 4

Cleveland has a bevy of Offensive weapons. Coach Freddie Kitchens hasn’t figured out how to use them.  A smash-mouth divisional road game… The Dog doesn’t see this one being the breakthorugh game.

LamJacks “managed” to keep Ravens close last week on the road against KC.  He completed just over 50% for 267 yards. 

But it was really Mark Ingram 2 in this one.  Had a banner day with 3 touchdowns and ran it well. Mix in “Bus” Edwards and LamJacks out of the pocket, this Baltimore rushing attack is a whole ‘nother animal altogether. 

Ravens to literally run away with this one and cover.

The Pick

BAL -7

OVER 46.5

Two Woofs

BAL @ KC – Week 3

Baltimore was the swing game for The Dog last week. 

If the Ravens don’t spend the final 4 minutes deep in AZ territory and actually get in the endzone The Dog is sitting pretty at 13-9 and my Dog Pound picks would be a perfect 5-0. 

So here’s the plan to get it back.

First, I’m looking at the Ravens. There’s a lot of talk about the Ravens being a top 2 or 3 team in the AFC. But, keep in mind they feasted on the Dolphins and held on in for a 4th quarter win against the Cardinals at home. 

The Dog isn’t ready to label The Ravens Three Woofs yet.

Next, I’m looking at these defenses.

KC’s run defense might not be the stoutest, especially with Dee Ford and Justin Houston having moved on. And, Ed Reed ain’t walking through that door to save a Baltimore defense that got torn up by Kyler Murray last week for 349 passing yards.

Two defenses that will allow some points. Two offenses that can put points on the board. Reid and Mahomes are more tested. Harbaugh and Lamar are still a question mark.

That adds up to a Chiefs cover. This one is in the Dog Pound.

The Pick

KC -7

Three Woofs

Dog Pound – Week 2

Let’s face it. We’re all in a pinch and crunched for time and sometimes we gotta get in-n-outta Dodge quicker than Barney at the good ole, now defunct (pour one out) Dairyland Greyhound Race Track in the wonderful Cream State of Wisconsin.  That doesn’t mean you should cut out your weekly NFL betting intel. Stop by The Dog Pound for our 5 weekly Picks To Pound.

There’s a lot of noise out there, but these are the bets you need to pound this week. Liquidate the college fund, cash out your 401k, dig up the coin you’ve buried out back and get invested because The Dog LOVES these picks!

Week 2 is shaping up to look like a road team dream.

Three Woofs.

Pound these picks

  1. DAL -6
  2. ARI @ BAL – OVER 46.5
  3. JAX +8.5
  4. NE -19.5
  5. LAC @ DET – UNDER 47.5

ARI @ BAL – Week 2

Just look at the comparable size of these birds in the wild. Ravens will handle the Cardinals with relative ease. 

Not a tough task to look good against the Dolphins, but Marquise Brown was the top rated PFF rookie at 94.1 last week and that’ll continue into Week 2. This dude is “Hollywood” for a reason and The Dog loves it.

And like Hollywood, nothing wins like a strong supporting cast.

Baltimore is stacked with a well rounded supporting crew of ball catchers including hot new TE Mark Andrews. The Ravens can own the air once again if they choose. 

No one is respecting last week’s rout of Dolphins, and The Dog LOVES a team that is looking for some respect.

Harbaugh and OC Greg Roman will have their say in how involved they want to get LJax & Company in the running game. Ravens too dynamic and high octane for a young Arizona team to contain on the road.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Respect them! RIP Aretha

Let’s talk about another hot trend for this year before it’s a trend. This Cardinals offense is so simple, it’s going to put NFL defenses to sleep (See Detroit week 1.)

Their opponent will pile on early. And, once the Cardinals make them forget they are playing NFL football, the Cardinals pile on late.

Pile-on A + Pile-on B = Hammer the OVERS with the Cardinals this year.

The Pick

BAL -13

OVER 46.5

Three Woofs

My 401k took 3 days to liquidate. Can you put in a bet for me?