Both of these teams are still looking for their first win. This one’s gonna be messy.

The Bengals are just terrible, and JRoss 3 is out. Andy dalton is coming off a performance that left him peeling his sacked ass off the turf 8 times. I don’t like what Zac “The Sac” Taylor is doing so far.

But, I don’t trust Murray and the Cardinals either. This could be a shit show game so do not pound it. Let’s just say Bengals -4 because cardinals D is non existent…. Oh wait Cincinnati’s D is giving up EVEN MORE yards per play than the Cards.

Road Dog for This Dog. 🛣🐶

I’m breaking my Arizona OVERS play this week. I may have overestimated The Cardinal’s ability to put those late points on the board, and I don’t expect The Bengals to be helping out this week. Prove me wrong🙏

The Pick

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ARI +4


One Woof

SEA @ ARI – Week 4

Seattle burned the Dog last week. Or, maybe I burned myself. 

I put the Seahwaks in the Week 3 Dog Pound and as I did, I thought to myself, “when have I ever felt strongly about the Seahawks?”

To me they are this team that plays in the corner of the country quietly all year. Then, they show up on the slate for the playoffs at the end of the year. That’s just who they are.

Lesson learned: “Stay in your lane”. 

The Seahawks embarrassed themselves last week, getting blown out by Teddy two gloves and a rebuilt Saints offense that didn’t seem to care that Drew Brees wasn’t there.

Arizona was just blown out by a Cam-less panthers team. Seattle bounces back from embarrassment and easily covers against Kyler Murray.

I have not forgotten about my play of the year. The Arizona OVERS.

The Seahawks are quietly a top 10 scoring offense. While Both teams are in the bottom seven in scoring defense. Try-hard offenses against underperforming defense paired with the Arizona gameplan = OVERS every time.

The Pick

SEA -5

OVER 47.5

Three Woofs

CAR @ ARI – Week 3

Do we think Cam and the Panthers are done yet? Will Cam even play? Kyler get his first win? There are a lot of questions in this matchup, but there is one thing This Dog feels very confident about. This one is going OVER.

Arizona’s opponents have looked like this each week so far: Strong Start, Slow Finish.

On the flip side, Arizona has looked like this: Slow Start, Strong Finish.

Until Kliff and crew prove otherwise, I am The Bird Dog pointing you to the Arizona OVERS. Play them all year! Strong Starts + Strong finishes = Pound the OVERs.

Cam’s status up in the air is a good thing in this Dog’s opinion. He was a notch above comatose so far this year. Kyle Allen? Cam Newton? What’s the difference?

The Ravens ran for over 182 against the Cards and I expect the same from a McCaffery looking to rebound. 

The Pick

CAR -3

OVER 46.5

Two Woofs

Dog Pound – Week 2

Let’s face it. We’re all in a pinch and crunched for time and sometimes we gotta get in-n-outta Dodge quicker than Barney at the good ole, now defunct (pour one out) Dairyland Greyhound Race Track in the wonderful Cream State of Wisconsin.  That doesn’t mean you should cut out your weekly NFL betting intel. Stop by The Dog Pound for our 5 weekly Picks To Pound.

There’s a lot of noise out there, but these are the bets you need to pound this week. Liquidate the college fund, cash out your 401k, dig up the coin you’ve buried out back and get invested because The Dog LOVES these picks!

Week 2 is shaping up to look like a road team dream.

Three Woofs.

Pound these picks

  1. DAL -6
  2. ARI @ BAL – OVER 46.5
  3. JAX +8.5
  4. NE -19.5
  5. LAC @ DET – UNDER 47.5

ARI @ BAL – Week 2

Just look at the comparable size of these birds in the wild. Ravens will handle the Cardinals with relative ease. 

Not a tough task to look good against the Dolphins, but Marquise Brown was the top rated PFF rookie at 94.1 last week and that’ll continue into Week 2. This dude is “Hollywood” for a reason and The Dog loves it.

And like Hollywood, nothing wins like a strong supporting cast.

Baltimore is stacked with a well rounded supporting crew of ball catchers including hot new TE Mark Andrews. The Ravens can own the air once again if they choose. 

No one is respecting last week’s rout of Dolphins, and The Dog LOVES a team that is looking for some respect.

Harbaugh and OC Greg Roman will have their say in how involved they want to get LJax & Company in the running game. Ravens too dynamic and high octane for a young Arizona team to contain on the road.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Respect them! RIP Aretha

Let’s talk about another hot trend for this year before it’s a trend. This Cardinals offense is so simple, it’s going to put NFL defenses to sleep (See Detroit week 1.)

Their opponent will pile on early. And, once the Cardinals make them forget they are playing NFL football, the Cardinals pile on late.

Pile-on A + Pile-on B = Hammer the OVERS with the Cardinals this year.

The Pick

BAL -13

OVER 46.5

Three Woofs

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