CAR @ ARI – Week 3

Do we think Cam and the Panthers are done yet? Will Cam even play? Kyler get his first win? There are a lot of questions in this matchup, but there is one thing This Dog feels very confident about. This one is going OVER.

Arizona’s opponents have looked like this each week so far: Strong Start, Slow Finish.

On the flip side, Arizona has looked like this: Slow Start, Strong Finish.

Until Kliff and crew prove otherwise, I am The Bird Dog pointing you to the Arizona OVERS. Play them all year! Strong Starts + Strong finishes = Pound the OVERs.

Cam’s status up in the air is a good thing in this Dog’s opinion. He was a notch above comatose so far this year. Kyle Allen? Cam Newton? What’s the difference?

The Ravens ran for over 182 against the Cards and I expect the same from a McCaffery looking to rebound. 

The Pick

CAR -3

OVER 46.5

Two Woofs

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