The. Dog. Likes.

Grrrrr! Am I rearin’ to go for this one. 

The Dog

If I could know the answer to one question this week it would be; “A battle of the cats, Jaguar or Panther? Who ya got Mike Leach? @MikeLeach” 

Is Nard Dog ready to roll again this week? YES.

Is Gardener Minshew 2 ready to roll again this week?

Jags get 20 pts on the scoreboard just for Minshew waking up Sunday morning.

Onto the Panthers outlook. Jags will be the best defense that Kyle Allen has gone up against in his 3rd career start; I don’t see him solving this puzzle.

McCafferey will with all his might try to put up a fight in this one and keep it close, but ultimately the Jags are out for blood and come out on top in this one.

The Pick

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JAX +3.5 


CAR @ HOU – Week 4

If you take one thing away from The Dog other than the picks, it’s to watch something other than this one. 

Kyle Allen was 19 for 26 and 4 TDs filling in for SCam Newton, but he was an undrafted free agent for a reason. Can he do it again? Against this Houston Defense.  Nah – Doggy don’t think so.

Deshaun Watson and the dynamic WR combo will be too much for Carolina D to handle.  Look for a career game out of him, Texans will run away with this one at home. Pound this Pick.

Take Houston ATS in this Dog Pound Pick & The Over.

The Pick

HOU -4.5

OVER 46.5

Three Woofs

CAR @ ARI – Week 3

Do we think Cam and the Panthers are done yet? Will Cam even play? Kyler get his first win? There are a lot of questions in this matchup, but there is one thing This Dog feels very confident about. This one is going OVER.

Arizona’s opponents have looked like this each week so far: Strong Start, Slow Finish.

On the flip side, Arizona has looked like this: Slow Start, Strong Finish.

Until Kliff and crew prove otherwise, I am The Bird Dog pointing you to the Arizona OVERS. Play them all year! Strong Starts + Strong finishes = Pound the OVERs.

Cam’s status up in the air is a good thing in this Dog’s opinion. He was a notch above comatose so far this year. Kyle Allen? Cam Newton? What’s the difference?

The Ravens ran for over 182 against the Cards and I expect the same from a McCaffery looking to rebound. 

The Pick

CAR -3

OVER 46.5

Two Woofs

TB @ CAR – Week 2

Woof Woof, The Dog is in the house until further notice.

We’re still coming down from the highs of week one and this Thursday night game is going to pick us right back up.

It’s week 2. It’s The Panthers and the Bucs kickoff off on Thursday night. 

Both of these teams took home the L last week, but that’s where the similarities end.

Cam played like crap and still almost help off last year’s runner up, while Jameis and the Bucs crapped the bed against a 49ers team that traveled across the country. 

Are the panthers actually capable of losing 2 games in the same stadium in 4 days? Doggy don’t think so. 

Is anyone convinced Jameis can carry the weight of anything except a bag of crab legs out of a Tallahassee Publix? Doggy don’t think so.

Tonight we have the start of week 2 of the 100th season of the National Football League and week one of @thedog turning your shitty little bank account into an unlimited supply of fuck you money.

The Pick

CAR -7

UNDER 48.5

OVER – On Jameis Winston Interceptions @ 3 (probably exactly 3 tonight)

Who has money in their Bovada account to place this bet for me?