Week 6 Picks

My dog pound picks need work. No. Doubt. About It. I was 0-5 in week 4. I barely saved face last week going 3-2.

I’m changing it up a bit this week. Moving forward I’m done picking all the games even though I was 52-54-3 picking all the dog crap games. I’ll be picking the bets I love this week and that’s that.

The Picks


I do not believe in this Texans team. Their O line continues to be a problem even with the addition of Laremy Tunsil early this season. I think this O-Line will even let the Chiefs defense look competent.

I also do not think the Houston wins are very convincing. They beat a Jags team in Houston (Which the Jags arguably won on that 2pt conversion), They fended off a Chargers comeback attempt in week 3, and they beat the Falcons who aren’t the same team we saw lose in the Super Bowl 2 years ago.

I will concede that their Week 1 opener against the Saints on the road was a bright spot, even though it was a loss. The point is, the Texans beat ok-to-bad teams at best. This Chiefs team is much better than that. Houston is not leaving Arrowhead with a win.

You have to go back to Weeks 5 and 7 of 2015 to find the last time that an Andy Reid Chiefs team lost consecutive home games and you have to go all the way back to Reid’s first season with the Chiefs in 2013 to find the last time they dropped 2 home games in 2 weeks. Arrowhead provides one of the best home field advantages and we’ll see that on Sunday.

I have no doubt the Chiefs will win this game. The question is, will they cover? The Dog’s gut says they win by double digits. But, if you want a stat, I got my stats guy on that too. Under Coach Reid the Chiefs have covered 67% of the time when favored at home by 5 points or less.

Three Woofs! Pound it.

The Pick

KC -4.5


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t think about the Seahawks much. 

Maybe it is the fact that they are tucked away in the corner of the country. Maybe it’s just their reputation of just being an under the radar team that makes hay in the playoffs. Maybe I’m just genuinely jealous of Russell Wilson. Whatever.

But they’re playing my Brownies so let’s pay some attention. I was expecting to see the Browns a 3 point dog or more and seeing the 1 point made me very confused. What does Vegas know that I don’t?

Answer….. A WHOLE LOT.

Now, I am not the smartest guy on earth, but I know that the quarterback matters in the NFL. 

Whenever I am confused by a game I always turn the brain off and tell myself to K.I.S.S. it. Keep It Simple Stupid.

So let’s turn off those brains and let’s keep it simple and look at the quarterbacks.

Russell Wilson

  • Top passer rating in the league this year at 126.3
  • Has not throw a pick this year on 150+ attempts
  • Works with what he’s got

Baker Mayfield

  • Third lowest passer rating in the NFL at 68.5 
  • Leads the league with 8 picks this year on 150+ attempts
  • Can’t figure it out with OBJ, Landry, and Nick Chubb

Don’t overthink this one. Tell Vegas to shove it and take this one To. The. Bank.

Three Woofs. Pound it!

The Pick

SEA -1

The Dog’s 2019 Record

Dog Pound: 9-11 👎


Both teams coming off a loss. And, both of these teams were on The Dog’s All-Sad team last week where the Dog Pound Picks went 0-5.🐶 🗑🔥

I’m keeping this one simple. Both teams need to rebound and Vegas has this a pickem’ on neutral site.

The simplest way to think about NFL football is to look at the quarterbacks. It’s the most important position in sports, and only one of these teams is sporting one of the best of all time.

Dak is playing out of his mind, and Jerry may have to make him the highest paid player when it’s all said and done. But he is not Aaron Rodgers. 

Despite all the crap he gives us as a person, his talent is undeniable and I’m going to ride him to the bank this week. 

After Dallas embarrassed themselves in NO, I don’t expect a rebound. I expect teams to play the Cowboys just like the Saints did. No way I’m betting against Rodgers in this one. 

It just missed the Dog Pound. Who has a charger so I can plug in my phone to place this bet?

The Pick

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GB +3.5

OVER 46.5

Three Woofs

DAL @ NO – Week 4

The Cowboys are 3-0 and everyone is saying Dem Boys are for real. I’m not ready to go there. They beat an Eli-led Giants squad, a struggling Redskins team, and…. The Fins. 

The Saints have seen a little more competition. They lost Brees against the runner-up Rams and mailed in that game. Teddy B has since come on and got some defensive help last week along with a special teams TD to get out of Seattle with a win.

With all that said, The Dog is still going with Dem Boys.

Teddy is not likely to get another defense and special teams boost like he did last week and Dallas is consistently scoring 30+ points a game.

“But didn’t you just say that Dallas’ competition so far has been weak?” 

Yeah. I did. But the Saints defense is bottom 7 and Dak and crew should have another 30 point performance. 

Who Dat? It’s Dem Boys. Dallas will cover 3 even on the road and Pound the OVER. Dallas puts up 30 of the 46.

The Pick

DAL -3


Three Woofs

MIA @ DAL – Week 3

Do you even need to read this? Yes the spread is 21 points, but the only way Dallas doesn’t cover is if Kenyan Drake somehow fumbles the ball 75 yards and recovers it for a touchdown 3 times because the cowboys are scoring at least 40 (in the first half).

Sure, there have been some valid concerns about the capabilities of the Cowboys defense, but not nearly as concerning as entire Miami Dolphins team, or what’s left of it. With one Fitzpatrick out (and the remaining one ineffective) Miami’s hopes of not completely embarrassing themselves for a 3rd time in a row now rest very delicately in the hands of Josh Rosen….

Miami has been outscored 102 – 10 in the first 2 regular season games and heading into Dallas it’s not getting any better. The only question remaining is who, between Zeek and Dak, will be padding the stats the most this Sunday.

The Dog is thinking Dallas by a billion so also the over.

The Pick

DAL -21

OVER 47.5

Two Woofs

Dog Pound – Week 2

Let’s face it. We’re all in a pinch and crunched for time and sometimes we gotta get in-n-outta Dodge quicker than Barney at the good ole, now defunct (pour one out) Dairyland Greyhound Race Track in the wonderful Cream State of Wisconsin.  That doesn’t mean you should cut out your weekly NFL betting intel. Stop by The Dog Pound for our 5 weekly Picks To Pound.

There’s a lot of noise out there, but these are the bets you need to pound this week. Liquidate the college fund, cash out your 401k, dig up the coin you’ve buried out back and get invested because The Dog LOVES these picks!

Week 2 is shaping up to look like a road team dream.

Three Woofs.

Pound these picks

  1. DAL -6
  2. ARI @ BAL – OVER 46.5
  3. JAX +8.5
  4. NE -19.5
  5. LAC @ DET – UNDER 47.5

DAL @ WAS – Week 2

Washington WR Terry Mclaurin was the fourth rated rookie according to PFF last week. Never heard of him, but his contested catches looked awesome. They gave the Eagles a scare early last week and let it get away. Do they surprise Dem Boyz? Doggy don’t think so.

Dak & the gang will Clock In and keep it rolling in Week 2 so Doggy will Lock In on DAL -6.

The Pick

DAL -6

One woof