LAC @ MIA – Week 4

Chargers will have Melvin Gordon back on the sidelines, but he’s a long shot to see any action.  This would likely be a shot of adrenaline to an already tantalizing offense. He very well could be all they need.

Chargers have been averaging in the mid-20s all year, expect an uptick here against a swiss cheese Dolphins defense.

Miami hasn’t shown us they can do anything with the ball.  Week 4 will be a break through for them. It may be luck, but it’ll happen. Somehow.

The Dog is taking the Chargers ATS & The Over.

The Pick

LAC -16.5

OVER 44.5

Two Woofs

MIA @ DAL – Week 3

Do you even need to read this? Yes the spread is 21 points, but the only way Dallas doesn’t cover is if Kenyan Drake somehow fumbles the ball 75 yards and recovers it for a touchdown 3 times because the cowboys are scoring at least 40 (in the first half).

Sure, there have been some valid concerns about the capabilities of the Cowboys defense, but not nearly as concerning as entire Miami Dolphins team, or what’s left of it. With one Fitzpatrick out (and the remaining one ineffective) Miami’s hopes of not completely embarrassing themselves for a 3rd time in a row now rest very delicately in the hands of Josh Rosen….

Miami has been outscored 102 – 10 in the first 2 regular season games and heading into Dallas it’s not getting any better. The only question remaining is who, between Zeek and Dak, will be padding the stats the most this Sunday.

The Dog is thinking Dallas by a billion so also the over.

The Pick

DAL -21

OVER 47.5

Two Woofs

NE @ MIA – Week 2

I’m surprised the Goodell is going to let the Super Bowl champs play an exhibition game against an amateur squad from Miami.

This is going to set a terrible precedent, blurring the lines between professional and amateur athletes. Watch out NCAA.

Since we have to talk about the game let’s keep it brief.

TB12 is working great. Tommy looked good last week.

NE Blew out the Stillers last week by 30.

Ravens margin of victory over their opponent last week, the Fins, was 49. 

-19.5? Are you kidding me? Need more? The Dog Says cash this one by halftime

The Pick

NE -19.5

Three Woofs

Free money bet, and I can’t unlock my phone. Someone put this in for me.