Week 6 Picks

My dog pound picks need work. No. Doubt. About It. I was 0-5 in week 4. I barely saved face last week going 3-2.

I’m changing it up a bit this week. Moving forward I’m done picking all the games even though I was 52-54-3 picking all the dog crap games. I’ll be picking the bets I love this week and that’s that.

The Picks


I do not believe in this Texans team. Their O line continues to be a problem even with the addition of Laremy Tunsil early this season. I think this O-Line will even let the Chiefs defense look competent.

I also do not think the Houston wins are very convincing. They beat a Jags team in Houston (Which the Jags arguably won on that 2pt conversion), They fended off a Chargers comeback attempt in week 3, and they beat the Falcons who aren’t the same team we saw lose in the Super Bowl 2 years ago.

I will concede that their Week 1 opener against the Saints on the road was a bright spot, even though it was a loss. The point is, the Texans beat ok-to-bad teams at best. This Chiefs team is much better than that. Houston is not leaving Arrowhead with a win.

You have to go back to Weeks 5 and 7 of 2015 to find the last time that an Andy Reid Chiefs team lost consecutive home games and you have to go all the way back to Reid’s first season with the Chiefs in 2013 to find the last time they dropped 2 home games in 2 weeks. Arrowhead provides one of the best home field advantages and we’ll see that on Sunday.

I have no doubt the Chiefs will win this game. The question is, will they cover? The Dog’s gut says they win by double digits. But, if you want a stat, I got my stats guy on that too. Under Coach Reid the Chiefs have covered 67% of the time when favored at home by 5 points or less.

Three Woofs! Pound it.

The Pick

KC -4.5


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t think about the Seahawks much. 

Maybe it is the fact that they are tucked away in the corner of the country. Maybe it’s just their reputation of just being an under the radar team that makes hay in the playoffs. Maybe I’m just genuinely jealous of Russell Wilson. Whatever.

But they’re playing my Brownies so let’s pay some attention. I was expecting to see the Browns a 3 point dog or more and seeing the 1 point made me very confused. What does Vegas know that I don’t?

Answer….. A WHOLE LOT.

Now, I am not the smartest guy on earth, but I know that the quarterback matters in the NFL. 

Whenever I am confused by a game I always turn the brain off and tell myself to K.I.S.S. it. Keep It Simple Stupid.

So let’s turn off those brains and let’s keep it simple and look at the quarterbacks.

Russell Wilson

  • Top passer rating in the league this year at 126.3
  • Has not throw a pick this year on 150+ attempts
  • Works with what he’s got

Baker Mayfield

  • Third lowest passer rating in the NFL at 68.5 
  • Leads the league with 8 picks this year on 150+ attempts
  • Can’t figure it out with OBJ, Landry, and Nick Chubb

Don’t overthink this one. Tell Vegas to shove it and take this one To. The. Bank.

Three Woofs. Pound it!

The Pick

SEA -1

The Dog’s 2019 Record

Dog Pound: 9-11 👎

Dog Pound – Week 5

Thanks for coming over to the Pound. We know you’re busy in a time pinch.  So is The Dog. If you’re going to read anything, read these picks. I owe y’all one!

No dogs in this pound. Not this week. My Dog Pound Picks took a shellacking last week, going 0-5, so we’ve got to have a bounce back. Need it. AND, Got to have it.

The plan is simple. Big Tasty Overs that can’t miss. Don’t over think it.

Cats have 9 lives. This Dog has 5 picks. Now GO POUND THESE PICKS! You’ll be glad you did.

Three Woofs. 🐶🐶🐶

Pound These Picks

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BUF +3

PHI -14

BAL -4




Battle of the two green and white/greys. Jets coming off Bye Week.  Eagles also coming off extended rest having played the Thursday game last week.

Doesn’t look good for the Jets fans. Who will we see at QB; Sam Darnold or Luke Falk? Does it matter? Doggy Don’t Think So.

Will likely be Luke Falk. Better for Jets in all honesty, seeing a rusty Darnold would kill even the slimmest chances at an upset on the road. 

Eagles will no doubtedly carry momentum into this one coming off a huge win in Green Bay. The Dog sees them putting up 35+ in this one.

Gotta take the Eagles to cover in this one.

The Pick

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PHI -14

OVER 44.5

PHI @ GB – Week 4

The Dog loves cheese & a lot of it. A LOT! Models are predicting otherwise, but All signs point to Packers & the Over to me. Here’s the why.

Packers are on tail end of 3 game home stretch – the boys should be well rested and ready to go. Rodgers & Company haven’t fired on all cylinders yet this year and they still put up 27 last Sunday in a nice win against the Broncos.

This will change in Week 4 as they’re primed for an offensive breakout. The feeling out stage of new coach/playbook has ran its’ course. Time to put some P’s on the B.

Packers Defense is Top 10 right now; last time they were this good, Packers = Super Bowl. They have a top notch secondary; should be able to neutralize the Eagles passing game enough to get the Win.

Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders would have to run gangbusters on the ground to bring the Eagles to a victory in this must win game for the Eagles. The Dog just doesn’t see that happening.

Eagles also traveling for a Thursday game. Always tough to do, and going into Lambeau against a 3-0 Packers team might be one of the toughest of all.

Cheeseheads will be out in full force.

Home crowd tips the scale here; if it needs it at all. Dog taking Packers -5 and putting it in the Dog Pound. 🐶🐶🐶

The Pick

GB -5


Three Woofs

DET @ PHI – Week 3

Desean Jackson-hurt. Alshon Jeffrey-hurt. Nelson Agholor-hurt. Tim Jernigan-hurt. Malik Jackson-hurt. Carson Wentz took a shot last week that sent him back to the 2nd grade.  Philly is beat up right now & Lions Coach Matt Patricia chomping at the bit looking to take advantage. 

Ertz can’t catch every pass for the Eagles, and their running game has been stuck in neutra so far this year.  Detroit is relatively balanced on both sides of the ball, and has looked surprisingly good for their standards this season. Matt Stafford and the Lions can and will cover this, if not come away with the outright win.

With all the Eagles injuries above and Patricia still unwilling to unleash Stafford and spice up the mild Lions offensive play-calling, The Dog won’t be eating up the Over in this flavorless dish; Taking the Under here.

The Pick

DET + 7 


Two Woofs

PHI @ ATL – Week 2

Falcons will go into Sunday night as the home dogs, looking to bounce back from a quiet performance in their season opener on the road against the Vikes. Hosting the Eagles, who are coming off a home win against the Redskins, I expect this one to be a tight battle. Will Matty Ice be able to channel his Naturday power into a Sunday game? While Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be rocking for the 2019 home opener, The Dog is giving the edge to the Falcons given that DeSean Jackson used up all of his good plays in week one. Lot of consistency there with the Atlanata offense and know they can score in droves with so many weapons.

Everyone has the Dirty Birds in the Dog house, and @thedog doesn’t have a problem with that.

Sidenote: Dunkin Donuts giving out $1 medium coffee in Philly for the occasion leaving you with more money to put on ATL.

The Pick

ATL +3

One woof.

Who can place this bet for me?