Dog Pound – Week 5

Thanks for coming over to the Pound. We know you’re busy in a time pinch.  So is The Dog. If you’re going to read anything, read these picks. I owe y’all one!

No dogs in this pound. Not this week. My Dog Pound Picks took a shellacking last week, going 0-5, so we’ve got to have a bounce back. Need it. AND, Got to have it.

The plan is simple. Big Tasty Overs that can’t miss. Don’t over think it.

Cats have 9 lives. This Dog has 5 picks. Now GO POUND THESE PICKS! You’ll be glad you did.

Three Woofs. 🐶🐶🐶

Pound These Picks

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BUF +3

PHI -14

BAL -4




Some games are just gut games, and here’s how I feel.

The Titans have struggled this season with bright spots and head scratchers. They are very inconsistent and Mariota just isn’t trustworthy.

The Bills have been on a roll this year. Their last loss may have been their highlight of the year keeping it that close with The Patriots.

So I’m going with my gut.

The Bills as a dog? No doubt, it’s going in the dog pound.

I’ve got some more beyond the gut too. Yes, the teams play the game on the field, but this one feels like it’s just as much about coaching. Love Vrabel. Love McDermott just a little more. He’s got to go against the best in Belichick twice a year, and that makes you sharpers. He showed it last week.

How did this line never move? I’m onto you Vegas… 🤔The fact that Josh Allen is going to play and the line didn’t budge makes me think they knew all along. Who cares. Liked the Bills without Allen. Love it now.  

Buffalo is 3-1 against the spread so far, maybe Vegas isn’t so smart after all. I trust my gut, I love the coach, and the trend is my friend. Bills looking at 4-1.

Who’s a computer to place this bet for me?

The Pick

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BUF +3

OVER 38.5

Three Woofs.

TEN @ ATL – Week 4

No ears perking up about Tannehill, so it seems to still be Mariota under center.

Henry may run wild and rack up stats, but other than that, Titans won’t move the ball efficiently enough to hang with the Falcons in this one until their QB shows any signs of life.

Matt Ryan at Home with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley will be more than Tennessee Defense can handle.  Throw in a solid game from Devonta Freeman, and Atlanta can go for 30+ in this one.

That points The Dog to Atlanta to cover 4 and the OVER.

The Pick

ATL -4

OVER 45.5

One Woof

TEN @ JAX – Week 3

The Dog took Tennessee in week 2 but it just wasn’t there.

In the week 2 recap I reminded you why I think Tennessee is going to be a mint this season.

I hear Titans… I think Three-woofs 🐶🐶🐶. I’ve been convinced that Tennessee will be a money maker this season so I’m taking the Jags this week. Dog. Cat. What’s the difference?

Let’s Rewind… The Jags went into Houston last week as a touchdown-plus dog and Gardner Minshew II essentially led the Jags to a straight up win. A few shitty camera angles and a lazy Nard Dawg made it an “L”.

Let’s rewind further… Week 1 the Jags were facing the best QB in the league and an offensive coach who had all offseason to scheme up how to start the season big. After that 10-point hole they dug themselves, the Jags kept pace and the game was much closer than the 40-26 score would imply.

This Jags team is getting no respect from the oddsmakers and that means it’s time for the big dog to eat.

Vrabel is proving that he has great gameplans and The Dog still thinks that the Titans are going to make us alot of money this season. Just not this week.

This Dog loves this home dog.

The Pick

JAX +1.5

Three Woofs

IND @ TEN – Week 2

Delanie Walker – that is a MAN’s performance in Week 1; Hooking up with Mariota twice for scores. In tow was AJ Brown, the third best rookie according to PFF in Week 1. Vrabel and the rest of the Titan’s certainly put Cleveland on notice last week, and the rest of the league should wake up. The Titans are going to be a big money maker this year.

Other notes – Ekeler and Justin Jackson had a productive game on the ground against the Colts last week; expect more of the same out of Derrick Henry and the rest of the Titan’s grounds crew.

Want some more treats?  Titan’s might have surprised some last week with a convincing thrashing of the Browns. Not The Dog.  Brownies came into the season with a lot of bark, but the Titan’s D muzzled the Brownies last week. Is that Cesar Milano the dog whisperer? No, that’s Mike Vrabel. His coaching led to some stout D, which included 3 INTs and forced Cleveland into 5 punts.  Certainly the performance you can build off of headed back home. Colts have some talent but are still unproven, The Dog says:

Titan’s by more than 3.

The Pick

TEN -3

Three woofs