PHI @ GB – Week 4

The Dog loves cheese & a lot of it. A LOT! Models are predicting otherwise, but All signs point to Packers & the Over to me. Here’s the why.

Packers are on tail end of 3 game home stretch – the boys should be well rested and ready to go. Rodgers & Company haven’t fired on all cylinders yet this year and they still put up 27 last Sunday in a nice win against the Broncos.

This will change in Week 4 as they’re primed for an offensive breakout. The feeling out stage of new coach/playbook has ran its’ course. Time to put some P’s on the B.

Packers Defense is Top 10 right now; last time they were this good, Packers = Super Bowl. They have a top notch secondary; should be able to neutralize the Eagles passing game enough to get the Win.

Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders would have to run gangbusters on the ground to bring the Eagles to a victory in this must win game for the Eagles. The Dog just doesn’t see that happening.

Eagles also traveling for a Thursday game. Always tough to do, and going into Lambeau against a 3-0 Packers team might be one of the toughest of all.

Cheeseheads will be out in full force.

Home crowd tips the scale here; if it needs it at all. Dog taking Packers -5 and putting it in the Dog Pound. 🐶🐶🐶

The Pick

GB -5


Three Woofs

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