The Dog loves a mindless pick like this. There’s not a lot to say about this one. 

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL right now. The Redskins are among the worst.

Washington does not really stand a chance against The Pats D. 

Washington does not really stand a chance against The Pats O. 

The videos of Jay Gruden may not be fresh, but I bet he’s not far off right now. Roasting a bone and chatting up some honeys. He’s not dumb. No amount of prep is going to change what is coming on Sunday. Take the day off.

New England covers and scores enough to hit the over so long as Billy B doesn’t pull Brady for a pick six.

P.S. From The Dog – Does anyone see this going to halftime without the Pats up at least 10? I don’t dabble much in the halves, but if that is available at 9.5 or less, I’ll look at that too.

The Pick

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NE -16

OVER 43.5

Three Woofs

WAS @ NYG – Week 4

NY Giants pulled off a backdoor cover last week. But, with Saquon out until further notice that delivers a big hit to their stock.

However, Daniel Danny “Dimes” Jones looked good in his first regular season action. Dimes keeps it rolling at home this week.

Washington Defense is bad. Really bad. Their offense is slightly better. Slightly. Nothing to see here in Washington until further notice.

Danny Dimes leads NYFG to an easy -3 Cover.  Taking the Under 47.

The Pick

NYG -3


Two Woofs

CHI @ WAS – Week 3

Two question mark teams slated to take the field on Monday night. The Dog is keeping it simple for this one.

The Redskins are looking like team of sick pups right now. Chris Thompson is out. Guice is done for the season. The running game is going to have a tough time getting going against the Chicago front 7.

The Skins are also looking very weak in the secondary with DRC going on IR. It makes sense that Washington is looking to bring in Jalen Ramsey.

When I look at these 2 facts this Dog is seeing the future un fold.

The Bears proven front 7 easily bottles up the Washington run game and can open up the defensive play book to put pressure on the pass game as well.

Couple a dominant Bears defensive performance with a weak Washington secondary and it looks like a Bears rout on both sides of the ball. 

Mitch Trubisky needs a confidence boost like a dog needs a bone. This is the best chance to do this.

The Pick

CHI -4

OVER 41.5

DAL @ WAS – Week 2

Washington WR Terry Mclaurin was the fourth rated rookie according to PFF last week. Never heard of him, but his contested catches looked awesome. They gave the Eagles a scare early last week and let it get away. Do they surprise Dem Boyz? Doggy don’t think so.

Dak & the gang will Clock In and keep it rolling in Week 2 so Doggy will Lock In on DAL -6.

The Pick

DAL -6

One woof