The Dog loves a mindless pick like this. There’s not a lot to say about this one. 

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL right now. The Redskins are among the worst.

Washington does not really stand a chance against The Pats D. 

Washington does not really stand a chance against The Pats O. 

The videos of Jay Gruden may not be fresh, but I bet he’s not far off right now. Roasting a bone and chatting up some honeys. He’s not dumb. No amount of prep is going to change what is coming on Sunday. Take the day off.

New England covers and scores enough to hit the over so long as Billy B doesn’t pull Brady for a pick six.

P.S. From The Dog – Does anyone see this going to halftime without the Pats up at least 10? I don’t dabble much in the halves, but if that is available at 9.5 or less, I’ll look at that too.

The Pick

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NE -16

OVER 43.5

Three Woofs

NE @ BUF – Week 4

Buffalo is a team that is no where close to as good as their record may indicate. Racking up 3 wins against teams with a combined record of 1-8, they’re finally going to get their true test to prove they’re a contender again.

They will fail that test miserably. That is why this one is in The Dog Pound.

The Dog says there is no chance Buffalo has the firepower to keep this one close against a smothering Patriots Defense. Josh Allen will be in for a long day against a Patriots Defense that still hasn’t given up a touchdown (remember both Jets touchdowns last week were not scored against the defense).

Patriots would have covered their monster spread last week had it not been for the two non-offensive Jets touchdowns. As The Dog called in the Week 3 recap, Jarrett Stidham is not the QB heir apparent – he won’t come in to mess this one up as – although if they’re up a bunch maybe Cody Kessler will.

Pats to roll in this one – Taking them to cover 7.5 in the Dog Pound and the OVER.

The Pick

NE – 7.5

OVER 42.5

Three Woofs

NYJ @ NE – Week 3

New England hasn’t given up a touchdown yet this season and Luke Falk isn’t going to break that streak.

Lot of people are going to default to taking New York Jets in this one saying that 23 is just too many points to spot ATS.  Doggy don’t think so. Here’s the why.  

New England has gone for 30 and 43 points this season. They haven’t let opponents into the endzone either.  That means that both those margins of victory would’ve covered this spread.

They’ve demonstrated that they are going to go out every game with one goal in mind;  Lay It On Thick Whilst Preserving The Shutout. Mark the Jets down as the 3rd victim of The Bill Belichick Body Bag Tour of 2019.  

That’s why The Dog likes the Pats ATS in this one.

People have been questioning why the Pats didn’t back off against Miami.  See what Kevin Van Noy has to say about it!  

The Dog doesn’t expect the Pats to buck trend and change their philosophy against an AFC East divisional opponent.  Pats will take it to the Jets for 60 minutes of football and won’t be letting up until after the final whistle blows.  

Belichick will be using this as another tune up game for getting Antonio Brown acclimated to the offense for when the games really matter, so I expect them to continue to try and rack up points & Lay It On Thick.  

Dog goin’ over.

The Pick

NE -23

OVER 43.5

Dog Pound – Week 2

Let’s face it. We’re all in a pinch and crunched for time and sometimes we gotta get in-n-outta Dodge quicker than Barney at the good ole, now defunct (pour one out) Dairyland Greyhound Race Track in the wonderful Cream State of Wisconsin.  That doesn’t mean you should cut out your weekly NFL betting intel. Stop by The Dog Pound for our 5 weekly Picks To Pound.

There’s a lot of noise out there, but these are the bets you need to pound this week. Liquidate the college fund, cash out your 401k, dig up the coin you’ve buried out back and get invested because The Dog LOVES these picks!

Week 2 is shaping up to look like a road team dream.

Three Woofs.

Pound these picks

  1. DAL -6
  2. ARI @ BAL – OVER 46.5
  3. JAX +8.5
  4. NE -19.5
  5. LAC @ DET – UNDER 47.5

NE @ MIA – Week 2

I’m surprised the Goodell is going to let the Super Bowl champs play an exhibition game against an amateur squad from Miami.

This is going to set a terrible precedent, blurring the lines between professional and amateur athletes. Watch out NCAA.

Since we have to talk about the game let’s keep it brief.

TB12 is working great. Tommy looked good last week.

NE Blew out the Stillers last week by 30.

Ravens margin of victory over their opponent last week, the Fins, was 49. 

-19.5? Are you kidding me? Need more? The Dog Says cash this one by halftime

The Pick

NE -19.5

Three Woofs

Free money bet, and I can’t unlock my phone. Someone put this in for me.