LA @ SEA – Week 5

The Dog has to bounce back after a Dog Sh*t showing in Week 4. File this one under Need It AND Gotta Have It.

And after the Buccaneers put up 55 on them on their home turf, so do the Rams. Fortunately for the Rams, Seahawks don’t have the barrels of firepower that the Bucco’s do.  

Seahawks, let’s face it. Haven’t beaten anyone “GOOD” yet.  Wins over Bengals (garbage), Steelers (soon to be garbage), and Cardinals (not sure what they are).  Couldn’t beat a Drew Brees-less Saints team at home either.

Thursday night game means short week. This lends itself to the offenses.  Rams will go for 40 the second week in a row. This time, they won’t lose.

The Pick

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Rams +2

Over 49


SEA @ ARI – Week 4

Seattle burned the Dog last week. Or, maybe I burned myself. 

I put the Seahwaks in the Week 3 Dog Pound and as I did, I thought to myself, “when have I ever felt strongly about the Seahawks?”

To me they are this team that plays in the corner of the country quietly all year. Then, they show up on the slate for the playoffs at the end of the year. That’s just who they are.

Lesson learned: “Stay in your lane”. 

The Seahawks embarrassed themselves last week, getting blown out by Teddy two gloves and a rebuilt Saints offense that didn’t seem to care that Drew Brees wasn’t there.

Arizona was just blown out by a Cam-less panthers team. Seattle bounces back from embarrassment and easily covers against Kyler Murray.

I have not forgotten about my play of the year. The Arizona OVERS.

The Seahawks are quietly a top 10 scoring offense. While Both teams are in the bottom seven in scoring defense. Try-hard offenses against underperforming defense paired with the Arizona gameplan = OVERS every time.

The Pick

SEA -5

OVER 47.5

Three Woofs

Dog Pound – Week 3

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Thanks for coming over to the Pound. We know you’re busy in a time pinch.  So is The Dog. Gotta get on the road and head over to @BuffaloTrace and gonna have himself a DAY! Hoping that you all have yourself a DAY too this fine Saturday. 

Dirty Dog & the Boys had a long drive over to Lexington yesterday.  That means you can be assured that we put the time in to get these picks right.  That’s why these 5 are in the Pound this week.

Thanks for stopping by The Pound and we hope you adopt these picks. Now GO POUND THESE PICKS! You’ll be glad you did.

Three Woofs. 🐶🐶🐶

Pound These Picks

  1. DEN @ GB – UNDER 43.5
  2. LAR -3 
  3. SEA -4
  4. KC -7
  5. NYG @ TB – UNDER 48

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NO @ SEA – Week 3

First on the Saints. 0-2 ATS this year.  This offense will no longer fly by wind, Without a Brees for the indefinite future.  They’ll look to QB by committee in Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater. As I said in our Week 2 Recap; Interested to see how Payton will steer the offense given a new field general under center.

Last time Seattle was 2-0. Went on to win the Super Bowl.  Same QB. Same Coach. I’m a systems guy @andrewperloff, and I like what the Seahawks are running.  Russell is a top 5 player in the league impacting the spread. He goes, they go! Come on Russ – HugoWego!

At Home, The Dog likes Seahawks to bottle up the Saints.

The Pick

SEA -4


SEA @ PIT – Week 2

The Stillers were no match for the Pats last Sunday night. The Dog thinks Yinz be off yer rocker if you think they’ll be able to right the ship since then. Going against an always competitive Seattle, Russ will find a way to keep the Seahawks within 3 if not the outright W.

In tight calls, I always look to the QB. This one is a no brainer. One is expanding faster than Barry Bond’s head and entering the end of his career. The other gets paid just a little bit more.

Clowney should look to apply more pressure in his second week.

These aren’t the Steelers of a few years ago.

The Dog says Pound It!

The Pick

SEA +3.5