Have you ever talked to a dog and they tilt their head in confusion?

That is me right now. I am a confused dog.

Both of these teams are big question marks.

The Niners are sporting an 3-0 record, but the world (including me) aren’t ready to believe it. I’m not writing them off. When it comes to yardage per play they are top 5 on both sides of the ball. But do those stats matter when they came against The Bucs with Old Jameis, The rebuild Steelers, and the dog-poop Bengals?

Doggy don’t think so.

The preseason Super Bowl Champion Browns are icing all bruises from reality smashing them in the face. Surprise win against the Ravens (another question mark) and a surprise loss against the Titans to start the year. Bone headed coaching calls. Am I ready to say I believe in my fellow Dawg Pound?

Doggy don’t think so.

All of this and I have no trends here. Who will be my friend with no trend?

Browns 2-2 ATS. Browns 2-2 OVERs and UNDERs

Niners 2-1 ATS. Niners 1-2 OVERs and UNDERs

Look. I’d stay away from this one unless you’re trying to win it all back Monday night. It’ll be close, take the points.

… Which I probably will be. So, who’s putting this pick in for me? My phone is dead!

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I am a confused dog

The Pick

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CLE +3.5

OVER 46.5

CLE @ BAL – Week 4

Cleveland has a bevy of Offensive weapons. Coach Freddie Kitchens hasn’t figured out how to use them.  A smash-mouth divisional road game… The Dog doesn’t see this one being the breakthorugh game.

LamJacks “managed” to keep Ravens close last week on the road against KC.  He completed just over 50% for 267 yards. 

But it was really Mark Ingram 2 in this one.  Had a banner day with 3 touchdowns and ran it well. Mix in “Bus” Edwards and LamJacks out of the pocket, this Baltimore rushing attack is a whole ‘nother animal altogether. 

Ravens to literally run away with this one and cover.

The Pick

BAL -7

OVER 46.5

Two Woofs

LAR @ CLE – Week 3

Whenever I see Cleveland, I think Dawg Pound and I have to check myself. 

“Am I about to bet with my heart or my head here?”

The Dog took a big hit last week picking the Saints over the Rams. The game that looked like 100 points on paper turned out to be a dud.

Yes, Brees went down which definitely had an impact but it’s time to forget that one.

It’s Correction course time in Week 3. 

Rams are 14-3 on the road since 2017 and 8-2 against the spread going back to last year.

It’s still not clear if McVay and crew are clicking on offense after this game. Everything changed when Brees went down, but we saw last year that this Rams scheme can be effective.

Cleveland is still a question mark for me. The win against the Jets got This Dog very excited about what the Browns might be capable of. But, even my pea-brain knows not to make any conclusions based on chewing up a decimated Jets team.

Cleveland is at home, on a short week. The days matter when McVay is in the lab. Locked. Put this one in the Dog Pound.

The Pick

LAR -3


Three Woofs

CLE @ NYJ – Week 2

My fellow Dogs will bounce back from a lackluster week 1 performance and take it to the New York Football Jets in their own open air hangar and cover without a sweat. Can I get a woof woof.

No action on the O/U here – too many variables at play. Darnold is out with mono leading to a one dimensional NYJ offense that will struggle to get off the flight deck. Albeit possible, too many  points out there for comfort that the Brownies need to rack up to fuel and lock in the over.

I just talked myself into the OVER. Both of these teams have something to prove and we won’t miss Darnold this week anymore than we miss the AAF.

The Pick

CLE -7


One Woof.

Who has money in Bovada to go 50/50 with me?