Have you ever talked to a dog and they tilt their head in confusion?

That is me right now. I am a confused dog.

Both of these teams are big question marks.

The Niners are sporting an 3-0 record, but the world (including me) aren’t ready to believe it. I’m not writing them off. When it comes to yardage per play they are top 5 on both sides of the ball. But do those stats matter when they came against The Bucs with Old Jameis, The rebuild Steelers, and the dog-poop Bengals?

Doggy don’t think so.

The preseason Super Bowl Champion Browns are icing all bruises from reality smashing them in the face. Surprise win against the Ravens (another question mark) and a surprise loss against the Titans to start the year. Bone headed coaching calls. Am I ready to say I believe in my fellow Dawg Pound?

Doggy don’t think so.

All of this and I have no trends here. Who will be my friend with no trend?

Browns 2-2 ATS. Browns 2-2 OVERs and UNDERs

Niners 2-1 ATS. Niners 1-2 OVERs and UNDERs

Look. I’d stay away from this one unless you’re trying to win it all back Monday night. It’ll be close, take the points.

… Which I probably will be. So, who’s putting this pick in for me? My phone is dead!

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I am a confused dog

The Pick

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CLE +3.5

OVER 46.5

PIT @ SF – Week 3

Mason Rudolph didn’t embarrass himself last week coming in for an injured Ben Roethlisberger, but this week he has a whole new challenge going out to the west coast. Will he progress? Is the PIT offense just average now? No Brown, No Ben, No Bell… 

The vaunted PIT defense has not looked like themselves this year either, giving up 61 points in their first 2 games. Will MInkah Fitzpatrick change that? 

I wonder, is this run of competitive Pittsburgh twams coming to an abrupt end?

With all these questions, remember one of The Dog’s classic lessons: when things look confusing, stop thinking.

What QB are you going to take here? Mason Rudolph? Or, Jimmy G?

Would you want to play at home? Or, travel across the country on the road? 

K.I.S.S. Great Band. Great advice. Keep It Simple Stupid.

S.F. is 2-0 against spread this year while The Steelers are 0-2. I’m not buying that Pittsburgh has has what it takes to hang close and will have a long flight home after another tough loss.

Couple this with the fact that the Shannahan offense has proven it could hang some points on opponents, the OVER play is looking three-woofs.

The Pick

SF -6.5


Three Woofs

SF @ CIN – Week 2

The Dog likes the 49ers in this one.  The Jimmy G led O will put up enough points to win. And before we even get into my analysis as to whether or not the 49ers D can do enough to stifle the Red Rocket.

Let’s face it, Cincy was fortunate to be close in their Week 1 loss.  Can’t chalk up the lack of production in the running game all to Seattle’s D, The Dog sees some real problems with the Cincy O-Line and that ain’t fixed in a Week.  

Dalton did keep them in it with his arm, but there were some fortuitous circumstances mixed in.  Dalton’s “Majestic TD Pass” as the CBS Crew put it, was a 55 yard TD strike to Ross which in my own opinion was a 50 yard prayer that should’ve been a pick or at the so very furiously batted away the Seahawks DB would’ve been charged with assault.  The Dog says he don’t think they get served another deep strike on a silver platter. 

Bullock tugged a 45 yarder that would’ve been the difference maker, and I hope for his sake he bounces back from that, but The Dog knows that the uprights are going to seem to tighten up just a bit if he faces a similar kick with the game on the line at home.

Back to the 49ers D. The Dog says yes – that’s all you need to know. They’ll do enough.  Take the 49ers in this one.

The Pick


Three Woofs

My bookie hasn’t paid out my soccer bets yet. Who can place this bet for me?