The Dog’s Week 4 Recap

Overall it was a bad week at 13-16-1. The Dog Pound picks got spanked going 0-5!

Buzz. Your girlfriend. WOOF!

Kevin McCallister re: The Dog’s week 4 picks

And that’s all we gotta say about that. The Dog has to go learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

2019 Record

The Dog Pound🐾 2019 Record: 6-9 📉

The Dog’s 2019 Record: 39-39-2 ⚠️

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It’s everything that you need to know and how you should play Rams @ Seahawks, The Bears and Raiders in the first London game, Jags @ Panthers, and the rest of the Week 5 slate. Maybe fade me, but I plan to be back baby!

Philadelphia @ Green Bay

PHI 34 GB 27

GB -5 ❌🐾


What can The Dog say about this one? 

The Eagles played a squeaky clean came on the offensive side of the ball. No turnovers.  Balanced attack. Holes to run thru big enough for The Beast to bury 10000 baseballs.

Costly Packers turnover at the end of the first half led to Eagles TD. Not being able to punch it in twice from inside the 5 with a full set of downs.  This one was certainly a winnable one for the Packers and The Dog.

Started off Week 4 on the wrong foot, going 0-1 in the Dog Pound. Got a bad taste in my mouth.

Maybe the Packers Defense isn’t for real. The Eagles were their first true test as a balanced offense (some could argue that the Vikings were) and they sure weren’t up to the task.

LA Chargers @ Miami

LAC 30 MIA 10

LAC -16.5

OVER 44.5

No surprise here; Phil Rivers and the Chargers offense were in control of this one all the way.

Chargers offense to get an added boost in Week 5 with the return of Melvin Gordon. Arguably the best trio of backs in the league when he is healthy and on the top of his game.

Classic AFC West matchup next week for the Chargers against the Broncos. The Dog is already drooling at this one.

We’ll see if an early Bye in Week 5 can give them some much needed to time regroup. Dolphins have shown they’re not good for any more than 10-13 a game at this point.   Will be hard to play Overs with them at anything more than 47 at this point.

Washington @ Giants

NYG 24 WAS 3

NYG -3


Dimes Jones didn’t have to do much in this one; Giants got up early and then bled the clock. 

He managed to throw 2 INTs, but that doesn’t bother The Dog. You have to let your rookie QB make some throws and maybe some mistakes, and what a better time to do it than up 14-0 in the 2nd Q against the Redskins.

But Until Saquon Barkley is back, Giants will live and die with the productivity of backup RB Wayne Gallman. If he can make defenses respect the run, Dimes will give the Giants a fighting chance/

Only thing we know for sure about the Redskins is that they are stuck in reverse.

Tennessee @ Atlanta

TEN 24 ATL 10

ATL -4

OVER 45.5

Dud of the week.  Titans went into Atlanta as Road Dogs & won handily.  Falcons don’t seem to have the offense we expected them to have

Titans have been tip-toeing the line for me. One week I have them breaking out only to see them regress the next.  I’ve got the Titans rolling off 5 straight wins from here. The Dog is BUYING!

Falcons are trending downward.  No defense. No offense? Not sure how you win games and stay competitive with that formula. Had they not been playing the Texans this upcoming week, it would be SELL SELL SELL!

Kansas City @ Detroit

KC 34 DET 30

KC -6.5 ❌🐾


Chiefs spotted the Lions 10 points in the 1st quarter on top of the 6.5 of the spread.  Can’t do that. Chiefs better not make a habit of falling behind early in games; won’t be as fortunate to come back against better teams.

Well within their grasp and let slip away, the Lions have to be hurting after this Loss.  The waya the NFC North is shaping up, the 14 point swing on the 100 yard fumble recovery KC touchdown will still be stinging come December.

We know Patricia’s defense ought to be serviceable all year; Lions need to get Stafford airing it out more and the running game has to gain some traction.  They get a Week 5 Bye to go back to the drawing board.

Chiefs continue to put up points; don’t expect otherwise until further notice.

Dog Pound now 0-3

Carolina @ Houston

CAR 16 HOU 10

HOU -4.5 ❌🐾

OVER 46.5

Dog Pound 0-4.

The Dog still hasn’t picked an ATS winner in Week 4 thus far. The Texans will for sure be the ones to end the drought, right? Wrong.

26 total points, you say the defenses must’ve played great! Wrong again!.  

5 turnovers.  4 fumbles lost. 1 INT thrown by DeAndre Hopkins. Who on Earth are you planning to throw it to, Bill O’Brien? You have to know that DeAndre Hopkins can’t throw it to himself, right? Apparently not.

The Texans offense was abysmal. Panthers Offense wasn’t much better.  Other than McCafferey, everyone looked like they were playing in Quicksand.

Texans receive a big downgrade from The Dog after this one. I’ve come to realize their Defense isn’t what I remember it to be, and the offense is too hit or miss to put much stock in them.

Panthers are a hold if you got em, wait and see how things go if you’re looking to buy.

Cleveland @ Baltimore

CLE 40 BAL 25

BAL -7

OVER 46.5

In the Week 4 Preview, we thought Mark Ingram 2 and The Ravens who were going “to Literally Run Away with this one and cover.” Looks more to me like it was their counterparts, Nick Chubb and the Browns were the ones doing the running.

Stat sheets here show this game as being pretty evenly matched, just the Browns outgaining the Ravens by 115 yards and LamJacks throwing one more INT than Mayfield.

The Dog was surprised at the kickin’ the Browns gave to the Ravens in Baltimore, but this might have been a little coming out party. Looked more like the Browns that the Cleveland Faithful had hoped for and less like your Father’s Browns.

If Browns can keep their opponents in check with mid-low 20s, and start to get the passing game going, they could be tough to beat.

New England @ Buffalo

NE 16 BUF 10

NE – 7.5 ❌🐾

OVER 42.5

What can The Dog say about this one?  Patriots come in 7.5 point faves against a 3-0 Bills team.  Think I still would’ve taken Patriots at 10.5. Hell, maybe even 13.5.  

What if I were to tell you….

  1. Pats have a special teams block punt touchdown & jump out to an early 13-0 lead in 1st Quarter. 
  2. Pats pick off Josh Allen 3 times and completes < 50% and a 24.0! QB rating.
  3. He gets pulled in favor of Matt Barkley who goes on to throw another interception.

Is that something you might be interested in? The Dog says WOOFx3, put this one in The Doggy Bag.

NAHHHHH! You wish you weren’t interested in that.  This one really ruined my week.

The Patriots put my Dog Pound picks at 0-2 for the week, so I’m putting them out back in the Doghouse until further notice.  They might be back inside come Sunday, but who knows at this point.

Oakland @ Indianapolis

IND 24 OAK 31

IND -7


The Dog didn’t catch any of this one on TV, and The Dog also didn’t see this one coming. Had I known for sure TY $ Hilton would be sitting this one out when I made my pick, I still don’t think I would have played this one any different.  

The Dog has been high on the Colts all year and been touting the smooth, yet unexpected, transition from Luck to Brissett.  Good O-Line and a decent running game. And then they go and lay an egg hosting Oakland.

Going forward I’ll be weary of Colts at anything over -4 ATS.  -7 might be a bit much to cover for these Colts. Tough matchup next week on road in Kansas City – they’ll be dogs but by how many.

Oakland travels to London for Game vs. Bears.  Those Soccer fans like low scoring games with ties and weird shit like yellow cards, so The Dog is leaning under there. Head on back to Doggybets later this week to see how we’re playing this one.

Tampa Bay @ Rams

TB 55 LAR 40

LAR -9

OVER 50.5

Well, well, well. If you were to tell me that on Sunday the Buccaneers would go into The LA Coliseum 9-point dogs, put up a franchise record 55 points against the reigning NFC Champs, and win by 15; I’d tell you not this time, no chance.

If you thought otherwise, The Dog is all ears if you’re willing to share your intel.

What we do know is that the Bucs can put up points in bunches.  What we don’t know is how consistent they can do this. And if they don’t put up points, can they stop anyone? 

Buccaneers scare me right now as a very volatile play – Case of the CatDog and not sure which team you’re going to get.

Rams are trending down for me. The lack of running game is forcing Jared Goff and the Rams Offense into a pocket passing system. One which I don’t see working well for them in the long run. Goff is serviceable, still young and has his spurts of good. But he’s not great.

Seattle @ Arizona

SEA 27 ARI 10

SEA -5

OVER 47.5

The Dog really thought this one was destined for the Over.   Played out just about how I expected, and figured Arizona would put another 10 on the board in the 2nd half.

Just Arizona couldn’t find the endzone.  Should’ve known a disciplined Seattle defense wouldn’t let up on the road against a divisional opponent, no matter how bad.

Still think I like playing Arizona in the Overs.  Seahawks will be tough to pick them as winners ATS.  They’ll always do enough to win games, but winning ATS is always a different animal.

Minnesota @ Chicago

CHI 16 MIN 6 

MIN +3

UNDER 38.5

Vikings came out and tried to do what The Dog expected.  Run the ball with Dalvin Cook and limit the number of throws Kirk D. Cousins makes.

Looks like the Bears D knew too.  Cook was held in check to under 50 yards on the ground and the Vikings couldn’t muster any sort of offense.  Vikings fans and players alike are starting to get restless with an expensive QB putting up pedestrian numbers.  This offense is stuck in neutral.

Mr. Biscuit (Trubisky) went down with a shoulder injury, we’ll see how this impacts the team long term.  Chase Daniel appears serviceable in the near term, especially with a defense this good.

Bears head to London to play Oakland Raiders.  Expect it to be a low scoring affair, just like those soccer fans like.

Jacksonville @ Denver

JAX 26 DEN 24

JAX +3


Wanted the game to end after the 3rd Quarter.  But 4th Quarter points in this one cost us going 2 for 2.

The Magician. El Mago. The Gardener Minshew 2 Show continues to impress.  The biggest new age Cult hero following in recent memory, in only 3 starts!

Had two of my favorite touchdowns of the week. 

The first, El Mago evaded multiple rushers, lookin’ like Brett Favre, and found an open receiver in the endzone.

The other; a classic fake end around/reverse w/ a double pump fake to find James O’Shaughnessy in the end zone, just like ya draw it up in the backyard.

And does The Dog have to say about Leonard Fournette. The Nard Dog. If he runs angry like that the rest of the year, WOOF WOOF The Dog wants to be all in on these Jags.

Broncos lose Bradley Chubb to ACL tear; makes their defense much less intimidating.  Von Miller won’t be able to shoulder the load by himself. These ain’t no Bucking Broncos, put ‘em out to pasture.

Dallas @ New Orleans

NO 12 DAL 10

DAL -3

OVER 46 ❌🐾

This one was a snoozer! Good thing The Dog likes afternoon naps.  Evident early on that this one wasn’t going to hit the Over, The Dog shut his eyes and checked out. 1 TD and 5 FGs later, Saints defender home turf as Home Dogs.

Until Saints get a little more aggressive with the playbook, expect their formula to be similar to this one. Eat up clock, take care of the ball, shorten the game and hopefully solid D wins you games.

Cowboys got their first true test, a road game against a formidable NFC opponent.  Hopefully they learned a thing or two about a thing or two. 3-0 don’t mean anything when you haven’t played anyone.

The Dog thinks this reality check is good for the Cowboys in the long run.  They’re back home in Week 5 to host the Packers. Shaping up to be the marquee matchup of the Week.  Check back in later this week to see how The Dog is playing this one!

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

PIT 27 CIN 3

PIT -4

UNDER 43.5

The Dog got both of these picks rights; a great way to close out a sub-par week. That’s what they call whipped cream on DogSh*t.  But that’s what will keep you coming back to The Dog Pound!

Mason Rudolph showed me something Monday night for the Steelers.  Not sure what exactly it was and it was against a below average defense. But a win is a win and he has to start somewhere. Hoping he can get his traction. 

Steelers hosting divisional rival Ravens this upcoming Sunday, will be interested to see if they can build from their first win of the season.

Bengals have nothing going for them right now.  The Dog will leave their outlook at that.

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