JAX @ DEN – Week 4

This one seems laughable. Jalen Ramsey went from the flu to a back strain to paternity leave in 3 days, and is not playing this weekend. 

Might not matter as Flacco is toast, and Denver is only averaging 15 points per game. The fact that the Jags are letting Ramsey seek this trade might say enough about their faith in the defense to compete without him.

The Broncos seem to have finally realized Philip Lindsay is good considering they fed him the rock 21 times last week and he rewarded that gameplanb with 2 tuts. Lindsay was The Broncos only bright spot against the Pack. 

I ride the gravy train and the MInshew train. 👨🏻🚂. Gardner met his hero this week when Uncle Rico made a stop in Jacksonville for a little inspiration.

The Minshew hype is real and he has been doing alot of media this week. Maybe ripe for a reality check? I’m not ready to go there.

In what should be a tight game, The Dog still says take The Jags. What has Denver shown us to be a favorite against anyone this year? Nothin’!

The Pick

JAX +3


Two Woofs

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