LAC @ DET – Week 2

No! You’re not in the Doghouse going against a home dog.

I’m taking the Chargers in this one. 

Chargers bested the Colts at home last week by 6 while the Lions came away with a road draw to the Cardinals.  The Andrew Luckless Colts are a better team than they get credit for. Lions go home without much of a roar. Chargers by more than 3.

The Chargers did less travel than Detroit for this Road game. Figure that one out.

I don’t see either of these teams putting up points like they did in years past. Go in your junk drawer, find your Men In Black Neuralyzer, and wipe those memories of high scoring offenses.

The Pick

LAC -3

UNDER 47.5

Three woofs

My reverse mortgage took longer than expected. Who can put in the bets for me?

NO @ LAR – Week 2

Certainly the stakes aren’t what they were in last year’s oh-so-controversial NFC Championship bout, but the Saints Come Marching In to L.A with an early season shot at redemption.

Coming off an emotional last drive comeback against a relatively highly touted Texans team, Who Dey Saints have to and will shore up and solidify on the defensive side of the ball to keep the Rams O in check. 

Rams did enough to get the W in week 1, but, they also have a lot of miles and time zones behind them in just 7 days. Don’t forget, Drew Brees started his career in the SoCal sun. We’ve all had those moments where we feel 25 again; Drew gets his today.

That’s right, The Dog doesn’t see the Rams getting it done at home this week.

The Dog likes the Saints straight up in this one

This OVER is a sucker bet.

Dog Pro Tip: a sucker bet is only a sucker bet if you don’t take it.

The Pick


NO +2


Two Woofs

I dropped my phone in the lake. Can you put this bet in for me?

KC @ OAK – Week 2

The Dog is drooling like Pavlov’s pup when the bell rings.  I’m loving this week 2 matchup of AFC West teams in the 2nd helping of games this Sunday afternoon. 

Call 2019 the Summer Fall of Sammy as he’s well on his way to the banner type year everyone has been waiting for ever since he was selected 4th overall in 2014.  He’s got a full year under belt in the Patty Mahomes & Andy Reid offense . With that belt a few notches tighter I see them using Watkins more and more picking up where they left off last week.

The Raiders look good for 21 a game this year. I see that being more like 24-30 this Sunday afternoon as Andy Reid forgets about his defense for 2 or 3 quarters.

But, these are two old-school offensive minded coaches. Neither is going to settle with being outdone. With the Raiders good for 24, I can’t see this staying under.

Put some ketchup on the steak.

Put on your Favorite Sammy Adams song to pair with your Sammy Watkins highlights.

Put it on KC to cover and the OVER.

The Pick

KC -7.5

OVER 53.5

Three Woofs

I know my early bets won’t be paid out for the afternoon slate. Someone please put these bets in for me.

BUF @ NYG – Week 2

Back to back for the Bills @ MetLife Stadium.  Bills Mafia was shut out in the first half last week but had enough fight to come from behind with 17 2nd half points to get the dub. If they can carry some of that 4th quarter momentum into this game, they might be tough to beat.  But The Dog doesn’t see that happening.

Let’s face it, The New York Football Giants have the easiest problem to fix coming into week 2. Feed the most effective player in the NFL. 14 touches for Saquan last week?!?!?! What was that? Who cares, easy fix.


G men get ahead early and don’t let up.

The Pick

NYG +1.5

Three Woofs. The Dog loves a dog.

Now, who has service? I need you to place this bet for me.

DAL @ WAS – Week 2

Washington WR Terry Mclaurin was the fourth rated rookie according to PFF last week. Never heard of him, but his contested catches looked awesome. They gave the Eagles a scare early last week and let it get away. Do they surprise Dem Boyz? Doggy don’t think so.

Dak & the gang will Clock In and keep it rolling in Week 2 so Doggy will Lock In on DAL -6.

The Pick

DAL -6

One woof

IND @ TEN – Week 2

Delanie Walker – that is a MAN’s performance in Week 1; Hooking up with Mariota twice for scores. In tow was AJ Brown, the third best rookie according to PFF in Week 1. Vrabel and the rest of the Titan’s certainly put Cleveland on notice last week, and the rest of the league should wake up. The Titans are going to be a big money maker this year.

Other notes – Ekeler and Justin Jackson had a productive game on the ground against the Colts last week; expect more of the same out of Derrick Henry and the rest of the Titan’s grounds crew.

Want some more treats?  Titan’s might have surprised some last week with a convincing thrashing of the Browns. Not The Dog.  Brownies came into the season with a lot of bark, but the Titan’s D muzzled the Brownies last week. Is that Cesar Milano the dog whisperer? No, that’s Mike Vrabel. His coaching led to some stout D, which included 3 INTs and forced Cleveland into 5 punts.  Certainly the performance you can build off of headed back home. Colts have some talent but are still unproven, The Dog says:

Titan’s by more than 3.

The Pick

TEN -3

Three woofs

CHI @ DEN – Week 2

Vic Fangio taking over the helm in Denver and Dalton Risner DEN Right Guard was the 5th best rookie in Week 1 according to PFF.  You’re probably wondering why I bring this up and if it matters. The Dog says it does. WOOF WOOF

Lot of questions come from this.

Does Fangio have a plan for Will Risner and the rest of the Denver line to keep the Bears pass rush at bay? 

Probably. But a plan is a plan and to The Dog that means nothing. Go ahead and scheme all you want Vic.

Will Risner and the rest of the Denver line be able to keep the Bears pass rush at bay? 

Probably Not.

Does it even matter with Flacco back there? 

Absolutely Not.

Coming off of a loss to Oakland, Denver comes home with little hope of a W here.  They will go running back by committee with Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay against a Bears defense that should keep the two of them bottled up to paltry numbers.  Courtland Sutton and Emmanuel Sanders ought to get most of the downfield targets for the Broncos in this one, but ought to be blanketed by the talented Bears secondary. The aforementioned Bears pass rush coupled with Flacco growing roots in the pocket won’t give either one enough time to free themselves up.

Bears cover at -3.

The Dog says lay off the O/U on this one.  Too many questions about their ability to rack up a ton of points as the Bears look to improve offensively after an ineffective Week 1.

The Pick

CHI -3

Two Woofs

My phone is dead. Who can call in this bet for me?

SF @ CIN – Week 2

The Dog likes the 49ers in this one.  The Jimmy G led O will put up enough points to win. And before we even get into my analysis as to whether or not the 49ers D can do enough to stifle the Red Rocket.

Let’s face it, Cincy was fortunate to be close in their Week 1 loss.  Can’t chalk up the lack of production in the running game all to Seattle’s D, The Dog sees some real problems with the Cincy O-Line and that ain’t fixed in a Week.  

Dalton did keep them in it with his arm, but there were some fortuitous circumstances mixed in.  Dalton’s “Majestic TD Pass” as the CBS Crew put it, was a 55 yard TD strike to Ross which in my own opinion was a 50 yard prayer that should’ve been a pick or at the so very furiously batted away the Seahawks DB would’ve been charged with assault.  The Dog says he don’t think they get served another deep strike on a silver platter. 

Bullock tugged a 45 yarder that would’ve been the difference maker, and I hope for his sake he bounces back from that, but The Dog knows that the uprights are going to seem to tighten up just a bit if he faces a similar kick with the game on the line at home.

Back to the 49ers D. The Dog says yes – that’s all you need to know. They’ll do enough.  Take the 49ers in this one.

The Pick


Three Woofs

My bookie hasn’t paid out my soccer bets yet. Who can place this bet for me?

PHI @ ATL – Week 2

Falcons will go into Sunday night as the home dogs, looking to bounce back from a quiet performance in their season opener on the road against the Vikes. Hosting the Eagles, who are coming off a home win against the Redskins, I expect this one to be a tight battle. Will Matty Ice be able to channel his Naturday power into a Sunday game? While Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be rocking for the 2019 home opener, The Dog is giving the edge to the Falcons given that DeSean Jackson used up all of his good plays in week one. Lot of consistency there with the Atlanata offense and know they can score in droves with so many weapons.

Everyone has the Dirty Birds in the Dog house, and @thedog doesn’t have a problem with that.

Sidenote: Dunkin Donuts giving out $1 medium coffee in Philly for the occasion leaving you with more money to put on ATL.

The Pick

ATL +3

One woof.

Who can place this bet for me?

CLE @ NYJ – Week 2

My fellow Dogs will bounce back from a lackluster week 1 performance and take it to the New York Football Jets in their own open air hangar and cover without a sweat. Can I get a woof woof.

No action on the O/U here – too many variables at play. Darnold is out with mono leading to a one dimensional NYJ offense that will struggle to get off the flight deck. Albeit possible, too many  points out there for comfort that the Brownies need to rack up to fuel and lock in the over.

I just talked myself into the OVER. Both of these teams have something to prove and we won’t miss Darnold this week anymore than we miss the AAF.

The Pick

CLE -7


One Woof.

Who has money in Bovada to go 50/50 with me?